• 重庆韦博英语:救援史上的七大奇迹
  • 2014/6/5 9:24:51
  • 奇迹是什么?奇迹是“极难做到的,却做到了”,奇迹是“不太可能发生的,却发生了”,奇迹是“绝处逢生”,奇迹是“起死回生”。而创造一个个奇迹的是人类坚忍不拔的毅力、顽强不屈的生命力、沉着果断的决断力以及艰苦探索的勇气。让我们一起来看看下面这些救援奇迹吧,从中体会救援带来的生命奇迹。

    China’s Mining Miracle1)中国矿难史上的奇迹

    On the eighth day they were delivered. On March 28, 2010, miners digging a new tunnel accidentally cracked an old one filled with water. The ensuing2) flood trapped 153 workers underground. After hopes faded fast as rescue crews worked around the clock, they were buoyed3) by tapping sounds coming from the depths of the shaft4) on April 2. Rescue workers immediately sent milk, glucose5) and words of support down the tunnel; three days later they dropped in rafts6) and pulled out 115 survivors, most in stable condition. The joy flowed freely in China.

    Miracle on the Hudson哈德逊河上的奇迹

    On Jan. 15, 2009, television viewers were glued to their sets. Yes, yes, there was the rare sight of a passenger jet bobbing7) in New York City’s Hudson River on a frigid8) winter afternoon. But equally mesmerizing9) were images of passengers and crew members of US Airways Flight 1549 safely and quickly exiting the stalled10) aircraft. The culprit11)? A flock of geese that had gotten stuck in both of the plane’s engines as it departed LaGuardia Airport. The plane’s captain Chesley Sullenberger and first officer Jeffrey Skiles pulled off what is now regarded as the most successful ditching12) of a plane in aviation history.

    Baby Jessica营救宝宝杰茜卡

    Before Midland, Texas became known as George W. Bush’s childhood home, it was at the center of one of the biggest media events in US history—Baby Jessica’s 2½ days trapped in a well. On Oct. 14, 1987, 18-month-old Jessica McClure—left alone for moments in her aunt’s backyard—fell into an 8-in.-wide, 22-ft.-deep abandoned well. It was 58 hours before she was finally rescued. One of the images of Jessica’s bandaged face as she was being pulled from the well won a Pulitzer Prize13).
    In the rare interviews she has granted since becoming old enough to talk, McClure has revealed that she remembers nothing of the event and views her scars with “pride” because she “survived”. The 24-year-old is now married with a young son and has a little less than a year to go before she will gain access to a trust fund worth $1 million—money donated in her name by well-wishers for the toddler who got through nearly three days of terror by singing Winnie the Pooh songs.

    NASA Saves the Hubble抢修哈勃望远镜

    Nineteen years is a long time for a machine. The Hubble Space Telescope14) began its outer-space adventures in April 1990, but by the early 2000s its batteries were drained and its sensors weren’t sensing. NASA had repaired the telescope four times before, for mostly minor fixes. This time, the Hubble needed a complete makeover15). After scrapping16) a 2004 repair mission, NASA changed its mind, and in 2009 a team of astronauts from the space shuttle Atlantis made their way out to the failing telescope. They used a giant armlike device to yank the Hubble out of its orbit and place it in the Atlantis’ cargo bay. Five spacewalks later, the Hubble was released back into space. It will continue to operate through at least 2014. When the telescope finally gives out17), it will likely be taken out of service.
    Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 乌拉圭空军571航班

    On Oct. 13, 1972, Uruguayan Air Force flight 571 crashed in the Andes mountains. On board were members of the Uruguayan rugby team and their friends and family—45 people in all. Their chance of survival was so grim that the search mission was called off18) after just eight days. Some were killed instantly, while others succumbed to19) injuries and the mountain cold. As the days went by, survivors were left with few options and little hope. Their sparse food supplies—a few chocolate bars and some bottles of wine—did not last long, and eventually they made a group decision to eat flesh from the bodies of their dead friends and teammates. In the end, Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa trekked20) for 12 days across the mountains to secure their rescue and that of 14 other passengers on Dec. 23, 1972. They had lived an astonishing 72 days on the snow-covered mountaintop after the crash. The story of their survival inspired the 1993 film Alive.

    A Sunken Submarine潜艇沉没

    On the morning of May 23, 1939, the USS21) Squalus sunk. The brand-new, state-of-the-art22) submarine was conducting a routine test dive off the coast of New Hampshire when an induction valve23) failed. Water rushed into the submarine’s engine room as well as the crew’s cabin. Twenty-six men immediately drowned. When the Squalus’ sister submarine located the sunken vessel, 33 men were still alive and able to communicate via Morse code24). “Conditions satisfactory but cold,” telegraphed Squalus’ commander, Lieut. Oliver F. Naquin.
    Navy divers led by Charles Momsen— inventor of an escape breathing apparatus called the Momsen Lung—used a rescue bell25), a small vessel tethered26) to a ship that could be submerged and attached to the sub’s escape hatch. It took four separate rescue trips, but all 33 men were brought to shore safely. The final survivors reached the surface just after midnight on May 25.

    Under the Haitian Rubble 海地瓦砾堆下的幸存者

    With each day that passed following Haiti’s devastating 7.3-magnitude earthquake, the odds of uncovering anyone alive underneath the rubble plummeted27). When survivors were found on days five, seven and eleven, the world called it incredible. But when Darlene Etienne emerged after 15 days there was only one word to describe her perseverance: miraculous. She was extremely dehydrated and had a broken leg, but the 17-year-old survivor was otherwise healthy as French rescue workers pulled her out of a house’s rubble near St. Gerard University.



    人们知道得克萨斯州的米德兰市是因为这里是乔治·W·布什的儿时居住地,其实这座城市在以此闻名之前,就早已经是人们关注的焦点,这里曾发生了美国历史上最为轰动的新闻事件 —— 一个名叫杰茜卡的婴儿在一口井里被困了整整两天半的时间。1987年10月14日,由于一时疏于照看,18个月大的杰茜卡·麦克卢尔在其姑妈的后院里掉进了一口8英寸宽、22英尺深的废井中。58个小时过后,她才被救出来。杰茜卡从井里被救出时脸缠绷带的一张照片获得了普利策奖。





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