重庆韦博英语 The App of Life手机应用让城市生活更完美(二)
重庆韦博  2014/3/31 20:04:01

But the internet was perfect for cities. It created new networks that reinforced older urban networks. Patrik Regardh, head of strategic marketing for the mobile-phone operator Ericsson, says urbanites email, phone and use social networks more than people outside cities. After all, they have more contacts, and so they communicate more. In Stockholm, for instance, women use Facebook to team up for safe jogging tours at night.
When laptops arrived, urbanites could use the new networks anywhere—but they often still needed a coffee shop to get online. Starbucks rose thanks to the laptop computer. Now, though, people carry their networks around in a 10-sq-in device. This is transforming city life in countless ways: everything from finding a date to finding a bus in an instant. Greg Clark, the UK’s minister for cities, says the London bus finder app “actually makes the transport system hugely more effective.” Now we just need a good app to find parking spots. Clark sighs: “A lot of congestion comes literally from people driving around looking for a parking space.”
In short, smartphones are helping make the densest cities the best places to live, as witnessed by property prices in Hong Kong, New York, Paris and London. By contrast, sprawling cities that rely heavily on cars—Moscow, Istanbul, Beijing—are becoming dysfunctional as roads clog up. I recently took three hours on a Saturday afternoon to reach a Moscow airport. If you live like that, your networks shrivel because you stop meeting people.
The technological revolution in cities has barely begun. Indian slum-dwellers without electricity will soon use solar-powered phones to find cheap healthcare nearby, says Parag Khanna, who, with his wife Ayesha, just published Hybrid Reality: Thriving in the Emerging Human-Technology Civilization.
The next step is urbanites using technology to help run their cities. Dublin has thrown open its data on everything from water use to transport, hoping that software developers will create apps to improve life. We’re starting to see almost an “open-source design” of cities, says Ratti.
Elisée Reclus, a 19th-century thinker, said the ideal city would combine rural pleasures with urban pleasures. Ratti says, “And I think that has happened.” In post-industrial London, the war on cars has made the air and the river cleaner. In cities everywhere, tiny or invisible technologies are replacing big old industrial technologies. That has created space for bicycles, new parks, piers and summertime beaches, all packed with people on smartphones. Steve Jobs was a lifelong suburbanite, but it turns out he perfected the city.
但是互联网技术完全适合城市的发展。它创造了新型的网络,该网络又加强了城市的老式社交网络。手机运营商爱立信公司的战略营销部经理帕特里克·雷高指出,城市居民发邮件、打电话和使用社交网络的频率要高于非城市居民。毕竟,他们有更多接触的机会,因此交流也更多。比如,在斯德哥尔摩,女性利用Facebook组团在晚上慢跑以保证安全。  笔记本电脑出现后,城市居民能在任何地方使用新型网络——但是在很多情况下,他们仍需要走进一家咖啡店才能上网。星巴克的兴起就得益于笔记本电脑。而如今,人们可以通过十平方英寸的设备随时随地上网。这正改变着城市生活的方方面面,从找约会对象到飞快地搜索某辆公交车都可以实现。英国城市大臣格雷格·克拉克指出,伦敦公交搜索应用“实际上大大提高了交通系统的效率”。如今,我们只需要一个不错的应用帮我们寻找停车位。卡拉克感叹道:“很多道路堵塞其实是由人们开车四处寻找停车位所造成的。”


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