重庆韦博英语 Apps That Help You Manage Your Life(一)
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“Know thyself,” advises the ancient Greek aphorism—and before others get to know you better, a modern-day thinker might add, given the surveillance to which we are all subjected to today.
If learning is to be life-long, we should get used to being assessed by the latest science of data analytics—a continuous monitoring of our thoughts, interests, attention span, productivity and overall performance culled from our interactions with online courses, social networks and other services. Then there are the data produced from observing us through cameras and sensors in our smart devices, and through an increasingly smart world around us.
But what if all this data could be turned to our advantage and we could stay a step ahead of those wanting to get our measure, whether in education or our working lives? We have the means to do this with our gadgets and with new services that are emerging.
Companies are being forced to accept the “bring your own device” trend of workers using their own smartphones, tablets and laptops in the office and these devices contain a multiplicity of apps and sensors that can help us know our strengths and weaknesses, while optimizing mind and body for better performance.
I have tried many of these devices and services for reviews, but my experience pales next to BMC Software’s Chris Dancy.
His day typically begins with him being woken by his Philips Hue lights. These are WiFi-enabled light bulbs whose color and intensity can be set with an iPhone app. His sleep patterns will have been recorded by a BodyMedia armband that has a range of sensors for monitoring sleeping and waking activity.
Stepping on to his Fitbit Aria WiFi scale, his weight is recorded and sent to an app. As he meditates, eats and gets ready for work, records are created for his activities, calorie consumption, mood, the temperature and humidity and what music he has enjoyed. Apps and services that enable this include Insight Timer, a meditation app that logs your progress, and WeMo, a home automation switch that will turn on and off lights and other devices, with remote control enabled through its own app.
丹西一站在Fitbit Aria无线智能电子体重秤上,他的体重就会被记录下来,并发送至一个App应用。当他在思考、吃饭和准备上班时,他的这些活动、消耗的热量、情绪、体温、湿度和他刚听过的音乐都会被记录下来。在能够实现上述功能的应用程序和服务中,有一款冥想应用程序——“冥想定时器”,它能记录你的所思所想;还有一款名为WeMo的家用自动开关,可以通过其自带的程序遥控灯光和其他设备。


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