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例1 —What should I do first?
—The instructions ____ that you should mix flour and water carefully first.
A. go B. tell C. write D. say
例2 It was already midnight and only three young men ____ in the tea house.
A. left B. remained C. delayed D. deserted
解析:left意为“留下,剩下”时是leave的过去分词。leave是及物动词,可用在leave sb. somewhere或sb. be left somewhere这样的结构中。delay和desert都是及物动词,其后要有宾语,但本题并无宾语,其意也跟题意完全不符。remain是不及物动词,其英语释义是to stay in the same place without moving away,符合题目的要求,故答案为B。
其它常见、易考的不及物动词有consist, belong, appear, disappear, happen, occur, rise等。
2.某些不及物动词后面加上某个特定的介词后相当于一个及物动词,其后可以接宾语,如look at、look for、look after、look into、belong to、consist of等词组。相反,如marry、discuss等及物动词后则不能接介词。由于受母语思维的影响,同学们在答题中常常会出现marry with sb、 discuss aobut sth.之类的错误。
例3 I need one more stamp before my collection ____.
A. is completed B. completes C. has been completed D. has completed
4.有些动词既可以做及物动词,也可以做不及物动词。当它作不及物动词时,虽然在形式上是主动的,但在意义上仍然是被动的,如change、open、develop、improve、stop、train等词汇。如:The hospital closed at the end of last year. 句中close这个动作没有执行者出现,只是为了说明时间,所以用主动语态,但仍是被动的意义。再如:The club was closed by the police. 这句中close这个动作有执行者the police出现,所以用被动语态。
例4 The traffic lights ____ green and I pulled away.
A. came B. grew C. got D. went
解析:green是表示颜色的形容词,可见前面应该用连系动词。come除了在come true这个习语中一般不做连系动词;grow做连系动词时表示“渐变”;get做连系动词时表示“情感、情绪或状态的变化”;go做连系动词可表示颜色的变化(turn也可以)。故选D。

涉及近义词的题目在“单项填空”,特别是在“完形填空”中出现频率最高,也是同学们感到难度较大的一部分内容。掌握近义词的关键是理解其英语释义,而不是对应的汉语释义。有些英语动词的汉语释义相同或相近,但适用的句型不同,复习时要特别注意这些近义词的不同用法。例如:I’ve left my book at home是正确的,而I’ve forgotten my book at home是错误的。leave和forget在这里都是“忘记”的意思,但leave用于leave something somewhere这个结构,forget something后面则不能接地点状语。又如:许多同学知道“同意”一词的英语单词是agree,但如果把“爸爸同意我每天上网”这句话翻译为Father agrees me to use the Internet every day就是一个严重的错句,准确的翻译应该是Father allows/permits me to use the Internet every day。
例5 We want to rent a bus which can ____ 40 people for our trip to Beijing.
A. load B. hold C. fill D. support
解析:load的英语释义是to put a large quantity of something into a vehicle or container,即“往(车上或容器里)装东西”,显然不符合题意。fill的英语释义是if a thing or group fills something, there is no space left,即“挤满、充满(某个空间)”,不合题意。support是“支撑,支持”的意思。hold的英语释义是to have enough space for sth./sb.即“有足够的空间容纳(物或人)”。例如:The movie theater holds 500 people.故正确答案为B。
例6 —Ow! I’ve burnt myself!
—How did you do that?
—I ____ a hot pot.
A. touched B. kept C. felt D. held
解析:Keep(sth.)的英语释义是to have something and not give it back,即“保留,不归还”的意思,显然不符合题意。feel的英语释义是to touch something with your fingers to find out about it,它含有“想了解……”的目的,是有意识的行为。hold (sth.)英语释义是to have something in your hand,即“拿;握;捧;抱(在手里或怀里)”,显然不符合题意。touch的英语释义是to put your hand, finger etc on someone or something,它只表示“接触”。故答案为A。
例7 Mike didn’t play football yesterday because he had ____ his leg.
A. damaged B. hurt C. hit D. struck
解析:hit、strike这两个动词都表示“碰撞,撞击”,但strike比hit用词上更正式些;damage表示“损坏”(to cause physical harm to sth, making it less attractive, useful or valuable);hurt表示“给人带来肉体上的疼痛,使人肉体上受伤”(to cause physical pain to sb.; to injure sb.)。通常不能说damage a person,而应该说成hurt/injure/wound a person。故正确答案为B。

例8 Could you please tell me where you bought the shoes you ____ yesterday?
A. tried on B. put on C. had on D. pulled on
解析:try...on是“试穿(衣服、鞋帽等)”(to put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits you or if it suits you, especially in a shop);put… on是“把(衣服、鞋帽等)穿上去”的意思; pull...on是“快速穿上”的意思(to put on a piece of clothing, usually quickly);have...on是“穿着(衣服、鞋帽等)”,故答案为C.
例9 The computer system ____ suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet.
A. broke down B. broke out C. broke up D. broke in
解析:break out的意思是“(战争、疾病、火灾等)爆发”(start to happen);break up意思是“破碎”(break into a lot of small pieces);break in表示“闯入”(to enter a building by using force, in order to steal something);break down指机器、汽车等“发生故障”(stops working),也可以引申为“(关系等的)破裂、失败”(to fail or stop working in a successful way),故选A。
例10 We’re trying to ring you back, Bryan, but we think we ____ your number incorrectly.
A. looked up B. took down C. worked out D. brought about
解析:look up用在phone number前只能表示“查询”(try to find information somewhere)的意思;work out后面跟number时表示“算出(答案、数量和价格等)”(to calculate an answer, amount, price etc);bring about sth.则表示“带来,导致(结果)” (to make something happen; cause); take down (a phone number)则表示“写下,记下”(write sth.down),故选B。




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